general info

as stated in at least twenty places on this site, the creator of this site is beanbottles. things you can call me in order of preference are: the full title, bb, bbottles, bottles, bean, whatever. i picked the thing closest to me years ago when making a new ao3 account (bean bottles on my pokemon ultra sun game, open on my 3ds), and rolled with it; didn't fully consider how the mild uwu-cuteness of 'bean' would not suit me fully, but here we are. beaned and bottled up.

quick non-info

//pronouns: i don't care; feel free to kin-assign me pronouns thanks

//age: if i were an ant i would 100% be dust by now; if i were an oak i would be but a seedling

//languages: english (my beloved), russian (mid-level), japanese (enough, but don't make me write a business email), html lol

//things i enjoy: some media (video games, anime, homestuck lol) writing, drawing, the meta-presentation of media, learning stuff, reading through reddit threads and rebuking dumb points out loud (and not commenting lol)


//most common facial expression: a toss-up between >:D and (︶▽︶)

//mbti: entp; i don't necessarily put any worthwhile stock into this, but i think if you want to get an overview of my hypothetical mental framework, then just read a paragraph or two of this and then un-edgy-ify it, because i am not a chuuni or a Joker From Batman We Live In A Society. not anymore

//star sign: no thanks

//classpect (lol): knight of mind (i've accepted it...i've changed it from light to mind...i've reached the final stage of grief and taken on the :nerd_emoji: aspect...)

//i am sure, looking at this entire site, my personality is quite self-evident tbh. but... ...maybe not. because, i am not an edgy person! (kinda) i love joy and happiness and fun! however...i do love the aesthetics and vibes of Edge and i ironically-unironically-semi-genuinely-'while-laughing-at-it-and-also-with-it' listen to edgy songs and look at edgy art and wear edgy clothes...yeah :) i could write a whole thing on this. red and black and skeletons and snakes and blood and anime-villain-laughing my loves