why i made this

listening to music is something i do often. tragically, i enjoy those waves in my ears so much that i actually am nearly unable to multitask while listening; i spend hours daily basically doing nothing while listening to nice chords. okay, to be honest i do stuff, but it's all small brain stuff like going through random articles or drawing. nothing that requires i take attention away from the music, like writing. it's mostly writing that i'm talking about here. i wish i would write more. stop making good music so i can write more, come on.


may as well do something with all of that wasted time and recommend some good songs.

general 'about'

it should be pretty self-explanatory what to do, but just in case: once you click on a song initially, use the buttons on the mp3 to get around. the 'play' button goes to different sites for different songs (youtube, spotify, etc) depending on where i listen to them; every song opens in a new tab for convenience (at least, i find it convenient. if you dont, sorry man, but hey this IS my site and all).

the little button not in the button circle will open a comment about the song, if there is one. most songs will have one, but some songs are just nice songs, no explanation needed, so there may not be one for those.

this will Absolutely Not be updated daily, by the way
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