it's like one of my japanese animes

woo weeb time bring your friends these rank under my video games in terms of active participation because i genuinely have not watched anime for like a year now. where's my little "one year anime free" sticker i want it.

basically, i've decided to split this list into anime that are really idea-heavy and basically require thinking to enjoy, anime that do not but are still my favourites (don't let the "not big brain" fool you some are still deep definitely, but not like mr. shougo "quotes philosophers at a rate of about five an episode" makishima in psycho pass over there). i've also included a section at the bottom for anime that i really like, but are not sss rank god tier ultra rare 0.1% gacha pull (for me, anyway).

god tier good big brain anime

god tier but not big brain

these are really great too