favourite youtube/stream-related stuff


highlights channel || twitch

ahh it's everyone's favourite hyana-laughing, meat noise-making, corruption-generating lad, vinny vinesauce. i started watching vinyot (sic) a few years back after seeing his rollercoaster tycoon highlight videos and being like "what why's scoot here. why am i stepping right up come on you know", then watching a lot of the other videos on the vinesauce channel. after that, i watched booti's (sic) animal crossing streams, and man they were good background audio you cannot stop me from forming parasocial relationships when it's this cozy man. anyway 10/10 watch barnyard's (sicK) stuff. i sometimes watch joel and rev too they're also pretty cool

kimagure cook/kaneko


fish man. fish man. fish man. warning for blood and animal death for this; nothing too serious, but the main content is the preparation of fish. "how can that be interesting" you ask. me too. i ask that everyday after my two-hour fish-tube session.



i love watching gradual descent into madness and this channel is that but video games.

technoblade and squidkid's potato war

part 1 || part 2 || part 3

this is framed as a great epic with deception, mind-games, war strategy, and heartbreak only semi-ironically; this series has all of those. children in the future will have to write essays about this at school. literary critics already have. by that i mean i have given a speech about this and although it may have fallen upon only my friend's deaf ears i hope my recommendation of this can encourage you to watch it this is amazing

nyan~ neko sugar girls


the classic you can't go by living your day-to-day life without having watched this and expect fulfilment