pronouns: don't care; use whatever
languages: english, russian, enough japanese for communication, html


mbti: entp
enneagram: there is a 7 and a 5 and an 8 but i forgot basically i am a nerd

stuff i like

games: devil may cry, hades, metal gear solid, xenoblade (1), rune factory (3, 4, 5 soon!!!), hollow knight, final fantasy (7+10)
anime: psycho pass, the tatami galaxy, jojo's bizarre adventure (part cowboy 2035 hype!)
fields of knowledge: basically, things i like learning about; language, space stuff, and specific names for things you can find in real life to show off to your friends about. like, "hey, that pretty house is actually in [this style], and that plant is called the [name]." this is my lifeblood i actually no joke live for this

fun facts!!!!

despite what this site looks like, red and black aren't my favourite colours. i like the combo a lot, but they're just a fallback because my actual favourite colour looks terrible paired with anything. thanks, orange.