I love playing around and making HTML my dog. Sit. Stay. Roll over. .select:hover {background-image; url('/hollowknight/menuarrow.png')}. All that. I love abusing this basically-graphics-only code and making it bend to my whims. Dance, text, dance, I am the wind for which you sway, I am the conductor of [anime supervillain speech continues here].

Anyway, back to Hollow Knight (who would've thought): the sprites from Hollow Knight, I found ripped by an amazing Redditor to whom I owe my life: u/Sumwann compiled them all in a lovely Google Drive that you can find linked in this here Reddit post.

also did you know that when i first made this site i was so bad at html (still am tbh) that for the old menu page i had it as a background image for the menu background instead of a div and images???? heres what it used to be. try resizing your window. actually funniest thing ever why did i do that

Background snowflake Javascript is by hyperstown; it's on GitHub here. Works super well; sending them my psychic "thank you"s.