THis is a anti Primal Aspid zone!

imagine you are walking through hallownest, minding your own business, and having a good time.

JUST KIDDING! YOU CAN"T DO THAT! the reason is primal aspids.

this is the worst bug in hallownest and i think as the monarch of hallownest i should be able to ban them. they are really mean and even when i try to dash away from their bullets they somehow manage to hit me anyway. i can fight god and any time i want to and somehow these are WORSE. torture is actually not allowed under the geneva conventions so i think i have an argument here

im just trying to visit the bees which are really cute. i think we should expand the hive because then we can have more bees and maybe then their new queen will have more space to grow because when i went there last the queen was actually dead and a ghost and i kind of murdered her most powerful guardian which wasn't really my choice he attacked me im sorry i didnt want to anyway when i walk up just a few centimetres and then suddenly primal aspids appeared
i was around here. ->

they did the thing where they shoot and i moved out of the way, but i still got hit!!! i dashed through one, but then as SOON AS MY INVINCIBILITY FRAMES RAN OUT ANOTHER APPEARED AND HIT ME!!!! being able to shoot more than one projectile is actually morally reprehensible really unfair! and i thikn that it should really be banned! especially becuase i can only shoot one thing at a time and im meant to be the new god of this realm.
that's why the hunter aspids are okay. theyre still mean and will shoot bug juice at you but they only shoot one so theyre not evil.
this one is okay! ->
also here are some aspids that are actually pretty cute!:

they are small and cute and they dont use the three attack that priamla aspids do! so there okay :D

hey go play hollow knight it's a good game