man, dont even get me started. "space music" is great; it's probably my favourite...genre? no, i don't think it's considered a genre. flavour. space music is my favourite flavour of song, with most of muse's (not the love live muse, regular non-weeb muse) black holes and revelations on my near-daily played songs list.

that being said, new romantic sailors (all three songs) are all completely different (thus the "flavour" as opposed to "genre") songs, and therefore i like them all for different reasons.

the titularnew romantic sailors i enjoy for just how dumb and over-the top it is. i've never actually watched classic mecha anime (i am a fake *otacon voice* "anime otaku", i know) but i know the Vibe. nrs is very much the vibe.

love pulsar is great just by merit of those introductory "fu fu fu~"s; i love listening to anime-villain sounding songs they're great. but also, the first line of lp is so good. wtf does "common sense? what’s that mean?? this is a huge universe!" even mean i love you guilty kiss.

phantom rocket adventure has this verse in it:

Love is eternal Thinking of believing those words is stupid, isn't it? Love, same as with likes Unexpectedly can break away and disappear to the other side of the universe

so just for that it also gets a spot in my hall of fame.

because i wanted to

because--my voice waivers--i...i wanted to.