what is this place

i make things for the sake of making them and then they rust with disuse. i didn't want sitegoers that may have been going through my menu-list to stab themselves with the rusty nail that is "wiki diary" and catch tetanus, so i made this site to keep those stains away from the True Beauty that is my actual site.

a minute of silence and word of prayer for these sections please as you rifle through this decrepit land.


over there on the side you'll find four sections. these are:

the surface

this is where you are now. a safe place.

(this is meta stuff)

elysium field

only those worthy end up here.

(this is for wips that i think are pretty good)

asphodel meadows

most of everything ends up here.

(this is just stuff that's mediocre)


naughty website sections get sentenced to eternity in The Pit.

(this is for stuff that sucks. why did i make these. most of the time i would delete this stuff, but maybe there is a speck of worth in these. if anything, they might be something to learn from: "don't do this")

why did i decide to use this system to categorise? because i was reminded of the underworld's existence after playing hades because it just resonated with me, ya feel?