gifs i've made

top-tier ones

stuff i quite like >:)

did i really spend hours making these? yes. use as you wish, but if you do you should tell me on twitter omg

basically, credit not necessary, but i wanna know if you like them enough to use them (*¯︶¯*)

this stamp in particular is great actually because i made it by screentogif-ing a powerpoint presentation. improvise adapt overcome right gamers:

this one just speaks for itself really. my magnum opus, also made in powerpoint :):

strike fear into the hearts of all with four simple notes (not in powerpoint!!! i simply took snips of each frame and put them in order :) )

hades time.

ah this one i edited back in the day with powerpoint by cropping out/remove background-ing all of the red elements, then overlaying them over a b/w ver of the original, and then i used an online image/gif editing software to add the sparkles for that added aesthetic:

ah and also, i made a button for this site! this is also under links where all of my other buttons are


whatever-tier ones

i'm just keeping this stuff up for fun

anyway thanks for coming to my circus