notes that don't deserve a diary entry and get sentenced to life in the "notes corner" page instead. a pseudo twitter feed that has the added benefit of me maybe acually using it



the palpable tension between me and the other site that likes the daily Osterley Campus Menu site updates



venn triagram



opened hades for the first time in a while bc i wanted to move on from one "beat up your dad and send him to hell" simulator to another and wow i can't play anymore i keep trying to use devil may cry controls. looks like we're sticking with only playing and replaying dmc for the time being huh


How I Defeated My Father With the Power of Love
by Nero Devil May Cry


Chapter 1: The Power of Love

The first step in my journey was realising that it is impossible to defeat my father with the power of love.

Chapter 2: The Power of Incredible Violence



yo i'm reading through my diary entries and twitter note things and this is some gourmet stuff man why isn't anyone bullying me into writing more

+ 17:45 -- The Council of B.Bottles is writing to inform Readers, ("Readers", in this clause, referring specifically to beanbottles of the future post-16.12.2020, 5:45PM) that this is absolutely not an attempt by beanbottles to subtweet themselves in order to potentially encourge further writing.



man i really would write and use this site more if i didn't talk to myself and use myself as an audience, therefore fulfilling my need to tell someone everything



when you think about it risotto nero's english stand name should have been "metal ichor"; it both sounds like metallica, and ichor is blood (not human blood but hey that's nor here nor there), which describes one of the main aspects of his stand which is pretty sexy. mostly because it sounds like metallica though and isn't dumb like "metallic"



oh god tripleqs channel is gone again. nuclear winter. party rock apple. many more. youtube please stop sucking. its okay itll be back sometime probably and there's a fileshare with all of the mixes but,



apple vs samsung? xbox vs playstation? shut up about that are you an ancient greece or an ancient rome person



if there was a zombie outbreak, think about it. zombies are still semi-living, meaning they still have bodily functions. if, perchance, was a zombie to just happen to pee anywhere in the vicinity of a river that supplied a small settlement with water, they'd have a chance for infection, right? i don't think enough zombie apocalypse writers consider zombie piss



getting someone to beta and proofread your work? yeah i do that. *finishes writing and leaves the work untouched for days so i can use my goldfish memory to proofread it with fresh eyes*



"wow, editing writing that's already there and making bad writing better is so fun and easy, i should just write things badly the first time and edit it!" i say, absolutely not doing that and listening to my hands when they tell me to write well the first time or die



it happens like once a month at this point but nothing is more terrifying than when i leave a google doc open, then forget about it, open another tab of the same doc, write a bit, and inevitably run into my own cursor and immediately have a heart attack, my brain instantly writing up a 3k word 2007core creepypasta about a haunted google doc



actually that's an interesting idea. maybe i should make pages for the fan fics i've written. like not just a "here's the stuff i've written" thing (that's what ao3 is for) (well maybe i'll make that anyway sometime) but maybe like an individually-designed page for each with a nice display and pretty backgrounds to get the Zero People Reading Them There in the mood. i might do that actually

+ 01:16 -- i somehow, through my great overuse of filler words, managed to both start and end that thought with "actually" i'm actually [edit: no way.] a bit impressed


for my neocities 20 follower big bash bonanza :b:arty let me sit in silence contemplating exactly what it is that my site offers other people brb silence starts now

+ 01:12 -- idk i look through personal sites all the time but they all have really nice designs or a lot of interesting shrines/pieces of writing. i guess it's interesting seeing that maybe i have something that others see some value in

+ 01:13 -- just you guys wait for my 20 page manifesto on why chaos is the best character in hades now this is what all of you came here for i'm sure



hate the fact that playtime on the switch only shows up after ten days. seeing "first played 10 days ago" change to "played for 45 hours or more" is something akin to a jumpscare


small brain: playing hades for the amazing gameplay, good characters, beautiful artstyle, interesting story-

galaxy brain: playing hades to find dialogue to quote in fics



do you think there are only as few bar-shaped foods as there are because people value their dignity/need to not eat dick-shaped foods over the utility of food that is objectively easier to eat

+ 23:25 -- i know this is not the case but what if it was



italian people: finally beat pluto on my 28th escape attempt! #PlutoGame


nothing changes your life quite like seeing that gakupo's voice provider is gackt

+ 00:38 -- look i know it should have been obvious but cut me some slack ignorance was bliss



drawing in the pressure test area for tablet pens just hits different. never do my lines come out as smooth as they do there



i "beat" hades after 22 runs ayyy but i'm still sticking to my word. YES i've seen the final boss obvs bc i got out of hell and got my boy to his mother but the story is not over yet (snake!) so i'm holding on to my four million iq nine-dimensional chess pay from a few days ago

+ 08.10.20 00:49 -- okay after getting the true ending i can confirm there was no mega twist but hey what if huh



this fake twitter thing came in handy after all, considering nintendo just announced minecraft steve for smash and literally destroyed twitter--i see mario get smashed through a cubic-looking wall and i go to scream, and then scream louder seeing that twitter isn't working because everyone else went to do the same thing

+ 00:14 -- twitter really needs to like. communicate with nintendo before these things huh



man zagreus hades is So Close to having that one faux-british-switching-to-slightly-american voice that i cannot stand (like joseph joestar english dub and inigo fire emblem) he's on such thin ice but i love him he's so good he gets a pass


just found out that the "shadow realm" from yugioh is just an english dub only euphemism for death. 1. that's kinda disappointing not gonna lie, i thought it was like litereally a shadow realm and all that and 2. people DIE IN YUGIOH???


okay hades conspiracy theory time: no spoiler warning because i don't know anything either spoiler for the fact there is sometimes a narrator in hades

the final boss in gonna be the narrator, right? i mean my only basis is that the game goes out of the way to make his presence a running joke. also, layer two: the narrator is probably like apollo because he's the only god who hasn't appeared. then again, the other gods haven't mentioned his existence at all so who knows maybe this is an au where apollo just doesn't exist. good riddance ngl All Of Art And Language Is Overrated right

+ 00:59 -- ah don't confirm if my god tier four thousand iq guess is correct or not i'll find out



*aggressively adds hades to "actively enjoyed games" section after starting it and immediately playing it for three hours straight*



a set of 100 business cards costs about $12 to print; about $0.12 per card. a set of 7 unofficial bts photo cards sells for $4.50 on etsy; about $0.65 a card. lads, i think i'm about to make marx real disappointed



"i really wanna make a website! imagine the possibilites! all the text formatting and display options..."
*makes text-heavy site with like. no formatting or image embeds*


i wonder what the climate is like here when it comes to following and unfollowing sites. is it strict-ish like twitter? i haven't been around long enough to have the complete read on the room. if the "strictness" is the case, don't worry about that with me; i'm making this site primarily for myself, so feel free to unfollow at any time. don't feel pressured to follow back either we're chill here.

that being said, if you do wanna be Internet Friends (aka if you read my interests and wanted to scream about something") hmu we can be buds if you want


just saw how much better than ao3 the site is and i'm about to start actually learning to use russian beyond basic comprehension


wow i just noticed that the name [synonym for strike, smack, blow]+ler got just completely censored from the music section, in the song "pumpkin party in sea ____'s water apocalypse". honestly not that big a deal, more interesting than anything huh


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( ̄▽ ̄)

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( ̄ヘ ̄)




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( ̄ヘ ̄)