HELLO HELLO WELCOME TO BEANBOTTLES 2.0 ('STILL RENOVATING' MODE)!!!! FINALLY I'VE CHANGED THE HOME PAGE!!! i hope any bb-enjoyers out there aren't upset by the change (because i'm not upset, and i'm the most important customer to this site >:) hope u understand *nod nod*)

uh anyway some things aren't optimised for the new site, but most things work fine! here are a few links that i haven't fit in yet; placeholders for now:

cliques and site-id cards; dw i'll work these out sometime

anyway, bb of years ago, take it away! your words will be nothing but sand on the shores of a tide-battered sea soon (when i finally change this damn text lol), so talk while you can!:

welcome to the site of me, the one whose name is written in nice big letters at the top of this page.

how do people take hits on their website seriously all of the hits here are just me because i have no idea how to code in html and need to check that my website is working every two lines of code

also "updates" like let me tell you, i legit write one or two words and hit that save button i don't actually have 1.7k 2.2k 3k 4k updates' worth of content on here

there will be no hiding pages as i am working on them. there will be limited use of neat code. this is a journey and i don't know where my foot will land every single time i take a step this is a "flying by the seat of your pants" zone first and a "functioning website" zone SECOND

i really need to change the text on this home page ngl

major additions
minor additions


  • +button : xomii
  • +button : secret cottage


  • +button : snals
  • +button : snowiicat
  • +button : meel's infinite art project


  • +link : Multilingual Folk Tale Database
  • +link : COVID-19 Signage Archive
  • +link : Dark Pattern Games
  • -link : Taiko Web (ate it via copyright...rest in peace a king, a martyr...)


  • +currentlstn : Hikaru Nara


  • +link : leaf.com
  • +link : Yvette's Bridal Formal


  • +currentlstn : Kami-sama no Iu Toori


  • +link : Fontemon
    +link : Digital Giza


  • +button : kelpeater
    +button : hello angel


  • +button : tyoma.cool
    +button : The Gorkhon Archives
  • +currentlstn : Possessed by Disease


  • +button : dogfish99
  • +favpainting : The Abbey in the Oakwood
  • +currentlstn : Trollz
    +currentlstn : Tot Musica


  • +link : HTML Character Encoder
    +link : Userbox Generator