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don't feel pressured to link me if i've linked you, and i won't feel pressured vice-versa etc

incessant pain
metal valley
rx queen
Exciting Breeding Journal
ocean waves
august august
honey citron
sinister suns
key's klubhouse
Bill's World
egg ramen
lu in cyberspace
fucking webmaster
uncanny valley
Creature Feature
The Gorkhon Archives
The Satyr's Forest
hello angel
meel's infinite art project
secret cottage

sites that don't link back anymore

added the buttons for these, and at some point, they started returning a dead link; if you know the updated site, lmk!

lurk n leech

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resources for website

Simple Repeat
a site that has a bunch of simple free and slightly customisable repeating patterns. i used this for the background check pattern
the classic kaomoji site
blinkie maker but in-depth
haven't used this because it's for more detailed blinkies. looks really good though
simple-ish blinkie maker?
this one lets you make different sizes and is more in-depth than the first site, but less than the previous link
just has some nice gifs etc
Online Image Editor
an easy to use editor that is good for work with gifs
Text Color Fader
a really nice html code generator for gradient text
ASCII Generator Site
this one's great
GifCities's gif index. basically a whole lot of gifs from different geocities sites. when you click on a gif, it takes you to the source site, which is amazing not gonna lie
W3 Schools
yeah i know everyone has this linked but with good reason. this site was my lifeline. a less-discussed part is if you go to any code-test section of the site, you can just replace the code with anything and test out html/css snippets easily lol
tenshiikisu's resources
a collection of 500+ pixel backgrounds, tile backgrounds, anime scenery backgrounds and gifs, and gradients. i didn't use any, but it's a good source nonetheless
Image Map Generator
if you wanna make an image map you probably already did a google search and found this but hey. may as well link babey
HTML Character Encoder
a little more niche but if you ever need to paste html into places where it doesn't accept html characters (such as brackets, etc), this converts them to the plaintext equivalents that won't set off html's complaining (necessary for filling userboxes with html code)
Userbox Generator
userboxes :)

fun/interesting/idk man just other links

Name Nerds: Least Favourite Names
this is just great to look through it's basically people just roasting names for the most asanine (and sometimes fair) reasons. for example: "Adrian: just seems wimpy to me." what. what does that mean
Petition to Ban Basil (the herb)
i don't know how i found this but i agree. basil sucks
Badass of the Week
a still-updating (?) site that catalogues people who have done some pretty cool things
Dictionary of Obscure Words
this whole site is great but this section specifically, especially so
Chemical compounds present in food
it's interesting looking through what two completely different seeming foods share compounds and therefore have a chance of tasting pretty okay together. for example, chocolate and avocados share quite a few, so in theory might taste good. i don't like avocados, but if you do, maybe try this combo
The Pathology Guy
this has a lot of pages, mostly medical based, but some of my favs are actually the
chess variants
and the
Globe with fossil discovery locations
basically, theres a globe of the earth that you can select a time period for. it will show up as it was back then. you can also type in a location and it will list fossils discovered nearby so you can see what dinosaurs lived around you
the best conlang, improved
a site that has a whole lot of maps from video games that you can explore at your leisure
Universal Hint System
this is a site with spoiler free walkthroughs, for if you get stuck in a game but still wanna work out how to progress without being told what to do
Horse Names
god there are some good horse names out there. "awesome wild one." "not exactly monday." "visa mastercard."
Listen to Wikipedia
basically every time a page is edited/created, a note plays. surprisingly good background noise
Library of Babel
basically, every single combination of letters generated. every possible written thing is already present here. this is the "an infinite number of monkeys with typewriters will eventually compose one of shakespeare's works" saying, but real
if you know japanese, this one's for you. basically, converts typed text into gyaruspeak. so ビーンです -> t″─・/τ″す. i don't know how gyaru in the 90s survived wtf is that i love it
The Death Generator
choose a video game textbox style and create fake screenshots
Prehistoric Wildlife
JoJo's Bizarre Comparisons
a site showing the original and bluray version of the anime side-by-side to highlight all of the changes (which there are many of)
Tip of My Tongue
find words you can't remember
Writing Exercises
maybe i can finally write some more, huh?
a site where you can use meme sounds to make music
Specification gaming examples in AI - master list
>be a neural network told "don't lose at tetris" >see game getting hard >pause game >don't lose >refuse to elaborate >leave
Taiko Web
play taiko no tatsujin online hell yeah (but trying to read the menus actualyl game me a headache holy hell. if you have dyslexia maybe close your eyes and listen to pick a song because lmao) nvm the site is gone!!! hate copyright!!!!
a game, but embedded in a font. insane.
Digital Giza
3d virtual tour of the pyramids
Yvette's Bridal Formal
absolutely insane
Multilingual Folk Tale Database
global fairy tales sorted by general category. interesting to see the commalities, and also fun to try to find one using the system.
COVID-19 Signage Archive
an archive of gathered signs found re: covid. cool collection, can really look into some of it lol
Dark Pattern Games
an aggregate rankingish site of games by negative traits to do with addiction-promoting elements