'random article' catalogue


so basically, as a hobby (because i have no real purpose in life and must thus fill the empty void that is my soul with things. 'things', in this case, meaning knowledge, because material possessions are neat but my home is my brain so that's what i decorate with the potted plant of 'information') i go to wikipedia and click 'random article' for hours on end.

before today/soon when i finish this page, this knowledge kinda entered my brain and then left it nearly immediately because that's what unused brain data does--my non-existent memories of school would know. but now, i'm gonna change that because honestly it kinda annoys me that all that time i spend reading pages amounts to nearly nothing.

obviously i'm not gonna write down every page i get, because then this list would be filled with nothing but polish gminy and Very Specific Moths, but i wanna jot down the interesting articles so i can add them later to my not-yet-created interesting and somewhat useful knowledge page.

i don't think this is exactly the best way to lay out this page, but i'll fine-tune the appearance later. hah same goes for this whole site right

the table (as always, every link opens in new tab)

date articles written about yet?
21.09.20 Lake Kaindy pretty. also cool. pretty cool
Claque professional applauders. french theatre laugh track
Calque no. i didn't accidentally include the same thing twice.
Phono-semantic matching this is how the word "mayday" came about (maybe). french "m'aider" to english similar-sounding "mayday".
Ocetá Páramo another pretty...
x, x, x, x, x
older Lovelock (hair)
Singer House
Stepped gable
Honestly just this page
And this one
...and this one i'm not even an architecture nerd i'm just hungry for knowledge
x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x