welcome to the site of me, the one whose name is written in nice big letters at the top of this page.

how do people take hits on their website seriously all of the hits here are just me because i have no idea how to code in html and need to check that my website is working every two lines of code

also "updates" like let me tell you, i legit write one or two words and hit that save button i don't actually have 1.7k 2.2k 3k 4k updates' worth of content on here

there will be no hiding pages as i am working on them. there will be limited use of neat code. this is a journey and i don't know where my foot will land every single time i take a step this is a "flying by the seat of your pants" zone first and a "functioning website" zone SECOND

i really need to change the text on this home page ngl

major additions


  • added the new idkbiidibtp collection page. make of it what you will.
  • made the header look cooler...yes it took a while...worth it look at the sick fade out...


  • the entire freaking site that's what!!!! just kidding (kinda); i've changed the landing/index page that frames the whole site! how's it look? i think it looks pretty good...the old site was nice, and i liked it, but this one keeps the things that i like but in the way i think i would've wanted, back then, when i was html illiterate and couldn't do anything lmao. anyway, the old site thing will always be available to look at but won't be supported anymore, you know how it goes. while i'm jiggling everything around some stuff might look ugly as hell (e.g., this home frame lol), but i'll change it all around, especially now that i'm motivated by having a cool-ass site to look at!!!!! hell yes!!!!!!!


  • started actually working more on my hollow knight shrine. still nothing on it, but god if the set dressing isn't beautiful as hell. i was wrangling those stag station menu links for so long. did you know you can't change both the background image and colour together on :hover?? well. now you know. i am in agony. if you inspect element you will see the Lengths i had to go to. consider the html thoroughly wrangled, i guess.


  • this may not be a major addition to all but it is one to me. hte pathologic site has been upgraded now and you can pet the worm. when you mouse over you can pet him. it is 4:22am right now and last "night" i slept at 7am. i may be the slightest bit delirious right now


  • changed the "hide x box" buttons on sidebar to be more compact
  • added my pathologic site to the side...still massive work in progress but i figure i'll add what i have now (if only it's easy for me to find + motivation to continue)


  • got a section in links for sites that link back to an error page; if anyone recognises the site and knows where it's moved, lmk through any channel; twitter or tumblr dms, chatbox over there ->, whatever works!
  • also changed site 'selection'/highlight colour lol...now it's pretty :)
  • finally fixed my damn title text; doesnt make the div bigger when moused over. now to do the sidebar, right :^)
  • redid the to-do section over -> there. finally useable can you believe it
  • redid sidebar to not be jumpy!!!! finally!


  • redid the home page/iframe a little; split the updates section in two--major and minor--because i never know whether to write that i added a site's button or a new link. now i do know :) just sad i can't really backdate-add any additions because i have zero way of remembering lmao...


  • this site...the foundation was coded when i didn't know any html...it feels like i'm a construction worker and i am using my teenage son's first-ever woodworking project as the support beam for a skyscraper...it's rough out here...but we make do we make do. hello. long time no update. not a major one, just reordered some things all because i fell into the rabbit hole of userboxes and needed a place to store them, necessitating cleaning up my 'stuff i made' section necessitating splitting and redoing it. send help :'/ anyway this is fun i like website..........but yeah i made userboxes for pathologic lmao


  • long time no update, huh........i still wanna update, but have had no motivation :'/ even more than that, i've started playing the critically acclaimed mmorpd final fantasy xiv, which is eating my time lol. anyway, finally updated my links to make it not as jumpy and overall much nicer


  • aliright i finally got the listening to page to where i actually like it, so. looks like the link's back on the menu, boys! i'm actually real proud of it go check it out


  • hi wow first update in forever (barring small things like adding buttons and twitter things. should those be here too? maybe that would be a good idea...but it would clog everything up huh) and it isn't really much of an update: added two variations (border + no border) of a Top Quality Gif to the stuff i made page


  • because i can barely stand the existence of another page i never use, moved the "currently listening" page to the shadow realm. have fun in hell say hi to vergil for me


  • ignored every to-do list item and decided to randomly make a current favourite songs page for genuinely no reason. not quite done yet and may be revised here and there but hey, it exists for those who wanna see


  • see that "welcome home, X" at the top there? added a cool little javascript thing that makes it pick a different epiphet every page refresh. whatever's up there now is your kin, sorry i don't make the rules :/
  • okay just kidding i removed that bc the site took an extra 0.5 secs to load but here is a version of the site WITH that script if you wanna see it
  • uh actually wait the reason my site takes an extra moment to load is probably actually because of the cat :/ sorry John 2 looks like you're (mario anti drug tv ad voice) going to hell before you die. nicknames are back, baby!
  • if you wanna say hi to that traitor cat that makes my site take literally only a fraction of a second longer to load that i removed because my patience is THAT bad, clicky


  • added a cat to the page; thinking of naming him John 2 -- add one to your page using this site


  • added mouse-over text to the buttons, saying what i like about the neocities pages (mostly as a reminder to myself lol)



  • added a meme/edited pic section because i remember when i changed computers to this massive gaymer laptop i lost my powerpoint where i made the edits and i was distraught. history: lost. also i think some are pretty okay




  • added the other writing zone aww yeah time to write...but other


  • added a section for site-id tcg cards. i'm a hoarder so i love this concept so much you should all join



  • about page:
  •   + favourite anime
  •   + favourite songs
  • new button added to links page
  • got rid of the hit counter. it was cramping my style
  • i got rid of it becuase it was genuinely useless i KNOW i've refreshed this site to see if it's working like 4k times please



  • hm i started making a page to show off art i like because i was bored but idk if i'm gonna really finish it; we'll see
  • the barebones start of the gen. knowl. page have been created somehow
  • also i reallllly want to do the useful-ish general knowledge page but i have no idea how to lay it out ahhhh i just wanna write but html is a display language first and an information conveying language second
  • ah whatever i'll probably just write out the things i wanna write and suffer the consequences of remodelling later when i grow some patience and an eye for web design


  • changed all months in this list to be september instead of november because what. how did i even-
  • created the base of the about page. time to create the rest
  •   + general "about"
  •   + personality stuff
  •   + favourite movies
  •   + fav artwork



  • added "links" page
  • added like 50 links


  • completed new romantic sailors fanpage at the cost of my sanity


  • homepage is now 100% table-free! 🎉🎉🎉 not index yet tho haha
  • created a chatbox and added it to the other side of the screen. it's like poetry, it rh
  • actually idk if having both a chatbox thing and a guestbook is too much. who cares both is good this is what the free market does it offers choice
  • jk im a communist
  • ayy found a good gradient text generator for the new romantic sailors text


  • despite not even being nearly done with my main site, started working on a love live new romantic sailors page because i am a glutton for not doing anything actually productive
  • not that any of this is actually all that productive huh
  • added the "new tab" icons to the hyperlinks
  • created the home page
  • revolver


  • layout, most of everything--but like, barebones

minor additions


  • +button : xomii
  • +button : secret cottage


  • +button : snals
  • +button : snowiicat
  • +button : meel's infinite art project


  • +link : Multilingual Folk Tale Database
  • +link : COVID-19 Signage Archive
  • +link : Dark Pattern Games
  • -link : Taiko Web (ate it via copyright...rest in peace a king, a martyr...)


  • +currentlstn : Hikaru Nara


  • +link : leaf.com
  • +link : Yvette's Bridal Formal


  • +currentlstn : Kami-sama no Iu Toori


  • +link : Fontemon
    +link : Digital Giza


  • +button : kelpeater
    +button : hello angel


  • +button : tyoma.cool
    +button : The Gorkhon Archives
  • +currentlstn : Possessed by Disease


  • +button : dogfish99
  • +favpainting : The Abbey in the Oakwood
  • +currentlstn : Trollz
    +currentlstn : Tot Musica


  • +link : HTML Character Encoder
    +link : Userbox Generator

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